Parental Alienation is a situation which arises when one parent deliberately s ets out to turn a child or children against the other parent through a program of brainwashing. In the most extreme cases, Parental Alienation can result in Parentectomy.

Parentectomy is the removal, erasure, or severe diminution of a caring parent in a child's life, following separation or divorce.

While many people involved in custody cases, litigation, politics, etc. have a problem with the term Parental Alienation or Parent Alienation Syndrome, the fact of the matter is, no matter how often it is used in an incorrect context or twisted in a “backwards” effect to actually accuse the non-abuser, the fact of the matter remains; Parental Alienation DOES exist.


Ignoring Parental Alienation, or badmouthing and ostracizing those who still attempt to study it, or worst of all saying it doesn’t exist is akin to saying that nobody can use the insanity plea for murder because too many murderers twist it and falslely claim to be insane; using it as a “scapegoat”.


Well, despite those who use insanity unjustifiably, insanity does exist;


And so does Parental Alienation.


Now that we’ve got that straight. What can a Parent who is a victim of Parental Alienation do to combat the tactics used to alienate them?


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J. Michael Bone, PhD.

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In today's changing social landscape, divorce has become a significant and immutable feature. Currently, more marriages end in divorce than do not. The reasons for this are many and complex, and although these reasons are debated, the fact of the predominance of divorce is not disputed. With this upswing in divorce comes also an explosion in the number of children of divorce.

Due primarily to social and legal changes that occurred in the 1970's, the dilemma of where and with whom the child would live primarily became a reality that more of us knew directly or indirectly. Simply put, child custody disputes have became a much more prominent feature of our everyday lives. Children are routinely fought over in custody disputes, and seldom does a day pass that one does not hear of some tragic and sometime violent event that occurred in the context of a custody dispute. Related to this, the courts have become choked with allegations of one spouse abusing the other spouse and/ or the children, again in the context of one of these custody disputes. It is within this complex social and legal context that the terms Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome were born.

This website is devoted to addressing this phenomenon of Parental Alienation and its legacy Parental Alienation Syndrome , also known as PAS. The purpose of this website is for the education of parents, mental health professionals, attorneys and judges, who find themselves dealing with these terribly difficult issues.

The sponsor of this website is J. Michael Bone, PhD. Dr Bone is in private practice in Winter Park, Florida. His practice is primarily devoted to dealing with all aspects of Parental Alienation Syndrome, that is its evaluation and diagnosis as well as its treatment. He worked extensively with the late Richard Gardner, M.D., who first described the syndrome in 1985. He, along with Dr. Gardner and others in the field, served on the Scientific and Professional Advisory Board of the Parental Alienation Research Foundation in Washington D.C. until its demise in 2000. He has continued working in this field and routinely travels all over the United States, serving as evaluator, therapist and educator regarding PAS.

Dr. Richard A. Warshak
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A leading authority on divorce helps parents shield children
from the crossfire of separation and divorce




Your ex-spouse is bad-mouthing you to your children, perhaps even trying to turn them against you. If you handle the situation ineffectively, you could lose your children's respect, their affections-even, in extreme cases, lose contact with them.


The conventional advice is to do nothing for fear that any response could result in greater injury to the children. But with twenty-five years of helping families, Dr. Richard Warshak is convinced that a passive approach just leaves parents feeling helpless. And the damage to children is considerable, particularly when warring parents enlist children as allies in the battle. The problems range from tainted parent-child relationships, in which children are disrespectful or reluctant to show their affection, to a disturbance in which children virtually disown one of their parents and all the relatives on that side of the family.


DIVORCE POISON offers specific advice to protect children from the results of their parents' animosity. In it, you will learn how to:

  • respond when your children join forces with your ex
  • react if your children refuse to see you
  • answer rude and hateful behavior
  • insulate children from the harmful effects of bad-mouthing
  • identify and correct your own contributions to parent-child conflicts
  • choose the best therapist and lawyer
  • reconcile with children after years of estrangement

Dr. Warshak reveals the typical behaviors of alienated children, how and why parents manipulate their children, seven rules for responding effectively to bad-mouthing without succumbing to the impulse to retaliate in kind, and how the controversial diagnosis parental alienation syndrome is used in court to take children away from parents or to regain contact with alienated children. This groundbreaking work gives parents powerful strategies to preserve and rebuild loving relationships with their children--and provides legal and mental health professionals who work with families in which there have been accusations of alienation, whether true or false, practical advice to help their clients and safeguard the welfare of children.


Whether they are perpetrators of divorce poison, victims of it, or both, parents who heed Dr. Warshak's advice will enable their children to maintain love and respect for two parents who no longer love, and may not respect, each other.




  1. The Delicate Balance
  2. Bad-mouthing, Bashing, and Brainwashing
  3. Alienated Children
  4. Malignant Motives
  5. The Alienating Environment
  6. The Corruption of Reality
  7. Poison Control
  8. Getting Professional Help
  9. Letting Go
  10. Resources


Finding this website was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time, I cannot express how happy I am that I am finally not alone in this situation anymore. Thank you all of you for just being there!!!!!!!!! HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY

"Hi Beverly ~ It was great to talk to you today...AND I forgot to say THANK-YOU!!!! for developing your web site for people like me.  When no one else was there ~ when no one "understood" how I felt ~ you and all of those wonderful non-custodial moms WERE THERE.  That is priceless.  You have a very special place in my heart and many other hearts for your hard work and compassion..”

NANCM has been my lifeline since I stumbled upon the website 4 months ago. The support, understanding and information has proved invaluable to me as I struggle with my NCM status.

" I found this website tonight. What a wonderful way to look for advice, support and a sounding board. For sooo long I felt as though I was alone. There is no way that anyone can understand the pain we feel unless they have experienced it themselves."

Sydney, NSW

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